Beyond the Scope

Hi everyone, my name is Andy (ND for short) and I am a photographer/videographer turned medical student at the Medical College of Georgia seeking to share stories, teach others, and maybe inspire someone along the way. Giving you the unfiltered view of what it’s like to be a med student while trying to have a little fun in the process. During this show, we will interview medical students, practitioners, and professionals about the things that make up their life that are “Beyond the Scope” of their typical responsibilities. We’ll cover topics like marriage in medical school, managing extracurriculars, building your resume, and more! For blogs about medical school tips and tricks and formal creative inquiries visit (Specific program questions should always be reviewed on the .edu website first, then emailed to me) For more content, check out my YouTube channel! Insta @andy_nguyen9 Disclaimer: These videos feature personal opinions and do not reflect or support the official opinions or initiatives of Augusta University, the Medical College of Georgia, or any employers/partners of this channel’s featured guests. These videos are also not a substitute for the advice of a properly qualified and licensed physician or healthcare provider. The content featured is for informational/entertainment purposes only.