Our Studios

Augusta, Georgia Recording Studios


We got our start in Augusta, Georgia, so it only makes sense that we would have our home base studios in Augusta. 

Looking to record a podcast, for YouTube channels, or even for online training materials? We have 2 great options in the Greater Augusta Region!

Our Professional Podcast Studio is perfectly catered to brands looking to grow and creators looking to take things to the next level. It features up to 4 top of the line microphones, a full production suite, a screen-wall, professional video lighting, RGB lighting options, and up to 3 4k Cinema Cameras! Learn more and rent this space:

Our Lounge Studio is perfectly catered to grassroots creators and smaller brands who are looking to start creating content. More of a “DIY” space, it features 4 microphones, a usable TV screen, mobile video lighting options, and you can request to add a camera to your rental at any time! This space is a bit unique in that we also offer an Open Bar studio add-on option for those shows looking to really lean into the “lounge” vibe. Learn more and rent this space: